Why Choose Blue Shoe?

It's Just You

We create an app that is just yours, not a group app

Your app is designed just for you. You are not part of a conglomerate app where you are just one of hundreds based on location and menu.

A lot of the restaurant apps out there include your restaurant with hundreds of others based on location, menu or price point. Don't loose your patrons to a competitor, direct your diners to an iPhone app that is just yours. 



Your Are In Control

It is not just a static site but an interactive tool you control. 

An ordering tool your customers will love

Blue Shoe Mobile Solutions can create an interactive ordering / marketing tool.  Unlike web sites or other iPhone apps, we build an iPhone app that is interactive.  Your customers can order, redeem discounts and view special events at the touch of a screen.

You, as the restaurant manager or owner, control what is posted on your app.   We provide you access to the admin page and you can add or edit menu items, promotions and special events when you want to. Don't wait for updates to be made to your app.  


Cost Effective

Play like the "big boys" without paying what they did

post and modify promotions and special events

Many of the larger franchise restaurants have customized iPhone apps.  However, more than likely, they went to a development company and paid upwards of five thousand dollars for the design and build alone.

At Blue Shoe we wanted to make that technology more affordable, but still giving our clients a one of a kind app that can be customized to their business without the big price tag.

By having the basic template, but changing images, backgrounds and colors, the app's appearance changes drastically to suit your restaurant. 



We Are Going Places

Blue Shoe stays on the leading edge

Track ordering trends

In development are several great projects that would be enormously beneficial to the managing of your business.  These projects include:

>Linking your food order history to large food distributors to simplify & automate your food orders.

>Comparing our ordering trends to your competitors.  See how your competitors are doing.  Do they sell more cheesecake than you do? Are their pasta dishes selling as well as yours, etc. What a great tool to plan your menu.

>Include your app in a restaurant locator app. Although we believe the real value of Blue Shoe is improving your customer loyalty (thus increasing your profits), we do want to also offer a tool for those diners on the hunt for a new place to eat.  Your restaurant will be included on a search app based on specific parameters. 

We are on the move at Blue Shoe Mobile Solutions!